Born in Switzerland, Made in Barcelona.

Estelle started this project 10 years ago in Switzerland with the objective of creating qualitative swim pieces which enhance the feminine figure. Unfortunately she had to put it on the side as she was in other projects at that time, she could not make it happen. 

She finally founded SKWIIM after finding a new life in Barcelona in 2022. Barcelona inspired her to take that project back on track.

SKWIIM represents the strength of minimalistic, yet subtle designs. From the highly qualitative recycled fabric to the style, each swim pieces is created to make us feel consciously confident and comfortable.

celebrating the duality of energy

We all carry within the dualism of feminine and masculine energies. Sensuality, softness, empathy, vulnerability... As much as confidence, firmness and power. A sense of harmony and fulfillment can be felt when this duality is accepted and well-balanced.

"What you perceive as good or a strength and what you perceive as bad or potentially a weakness, mary them all together to see your unique power."

Be free-enough to PLAY WHO YOU ARE